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The Day Mrs. Fox Heard From Mrs. Maisel

I didn't think she would do it. I never thought I would hear back. In fact, I had pretty much given up. And then it happened. The text came -- "Your cameo from Rachel Brosnahan is ready."

She couldn't have been nicer. Rachel started by saying how sorry she was about my parents, and the amount of loss I had experienced in such a short time. It appeared heartfelt and genuine, and now, I ❤️ Mrs. Maisel even more!

Not only did Rachel feel that Shirley Maisel would benefit from a multipack of Mah Jongg Wipes, but she explained why. From "unsocial distancing with the neighbors" to how "handsy" she is with Midge's children, she definitely liked the idea. She even mentioned the joke on the packaging!

Rachel, you are just as adorable off-screen as on, and I truly appreciate the time you spent to help me share Mah Jongg Wipes with the world.

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