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Something Old...Something New

I haven’t written a blog since my first child was born. He’s 10. When I was pregnant, blogs were all the rage. Everyone was writing one. This seemed like the best way to update my family and friends on my growing belly and the type of fruit he resembled at each milestone in my womb. The blog was happy, full of sonogram photos and excitement.

Now, here we are-- ten years, two kids, a dog (who just became a bark-mitzvah) and a bird later. This time, my mood is a little different. The happy, exciting journey that took place during that phase of my life is not my current focus. My husband and children are healthy, thank God, but the past thirteen months have truly been a test of my strength and endurance.

I have been through a lot this year, and that's quite an understatement. It does seem insensitive to say this considering the present situation in the world. This pandemic has people sick, dying and “sheltered in place” glued to all forms of media and waiting for the next briefing from our nation’s president.

Yet, however 2020 goes down in history for the world’s population, I know one thing for certain—from my perspective, it couldn’t have been any worse.

Everyone has a story, right? So, here’s mine.

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