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One month down

On April 1, Mah Jongg Wipes became a business. As exciting as it has been, it still pains me that my parents will never know. My mom lived for these kind of ideas. I know she would have been my biggest fan. I do want to thank all of her good friends who have supported me in this endeavor. I truly appreciate it, and I know she would be touched by your kindness.

So, what has happened in a month?

Mah Jongg Wipes was in the news. First, we were featured on a podcast! I got the opportunity to meet Fern Bernstein, author of Mah Jongg Mondays-- A great read, if you're looking for a nice memoir to dive into during quarantine. My book club read her story, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Recording a podcast was a fun experience. It reminded me of my days at NBC, when we would do radio promotions. Only, instead of a booth, I was sitting in my office recording on a cell phone. Fern couldn't have been nicer and more supportive of Mah Jongg Wipes.

If you haven't heard of, you must live under a rock. This website for the modern Jewish mom leaves me "crack"ing up on numerous occasions. Well, Mah Jongg Wipes had quite a day when a story I submitted appeared on their site. With millions of subscribers visiting Kveller, the orders rolled in, and we sold out of wipes! Not to worry, the next shipment is on its way, and we will be able to fill those backorders very soon. We even have a surprise gift for everyone who has been waiting so patiently.

For now, I want to give a big shout out to all of our new customers. Welcome and thank you for your support. Don't forget to check out our newly added products and accessories.

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