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Have your Cake & Eat it Too

I thought about getting a cake. But, I don’t think I’m ready. I can’t bear the thought of celebrating anything really. I can’t imagine having a piece without you or being able to enjoy it for that matter. And thanks to emotional eating during the last year’s events, I’m trying to stay away from cake for the foreseeable future.

I will never look at a birthday cake in the same way again. If I see a flower, I know that’s the piece you would have wanted. I loved how your eyes lit up when I gave you a corner.

I always knew what you would pick – white cake, buttercream icing. Your taste never changed. Dad preferred to get you peach flowers because that was your wedding color. I sometimes chose blue because I knew it was really your favorite.

It was a long-running joke how you always chose the wrong cake for me. For some reason, you just couldn’t remember which flavor combination I liked.

In recent years, you chose the teeny tiny Publix cakes because—“Who needs all that cake?” But then, your friends would get you one, I would get you one, and before we knew it, it defeated the purpose.

Cake with fruit in it…not a chance! You would look at the slice with utter disgust, and probably the person serving it. Why would someone do that? What a way to ruin a cake.

Whenever I encounter a good birthday cake with the right kind of icing, I will always see the sparkle in your eye. I will miss sharing the excitement, telling you about it and hearing you ask if I saved you any. Some families don’t appreciate the joy of having cake for dessert… or breakfast. Yet others will understand because they share the feelings and similar traditions.

I miss you everyday, more than once or twice, and I hope that you’re with dad and at peace. On your birthday, wherever you may be, I hope you find the perfect piece.

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