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Gloves, Wine and Wipes

Cleaning our tiles between rounds with mah jongg wipes

It finally happened! Our first game back! Complete with gloves, a little wine, and of course, Mah Jongg Wipes, we tried to remember how to play our favorite game minus the computer, cell phone and zoom session in the background.

Playing Siamese with Madden

Guess who managed to forget about the Charleston. Yep, that was me! Must be from playing so much Siamese Mah Jongg with my son. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts when I threw my first tile before the passing even began.

It was the first time we played in person with the new card, and my new jokers, which I bought in February, just before the pandemic began.

The topic of conversation was COVID, of course. How our kids are spending their days on electronics, if anyone is making travel plans, and whether our kids will ever go back to school. We compared our long days, our husbands' work from home habits and our feelings of guilt, as only moms would do. It was so nice to have an evening with my fabulous foursome. Oh how I missed this!

As the night went on, it all came back to us. We were definitely a little slower than usual, and played a few less games, but we certainly had a lot of laughs. Even if just for a few minutes, it felt normal to have a fun night together again.

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