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From an Idea to Reality

After the death of my mother, life is a bit blurry. In a matter of minutes, I lost my best friend.

I am certain of one thing. I have some amazing friends-- friends who ran to my rescue as soon as I would let them. (You know who you are.) And, of course my husband and kids aren't so bad either. (You obviously know who you are.)

My mom had some pretty great friends too. Even a month later, they are calling to check on me to see how I am surviving these days. Which brings us to...


What the hell? For me, this was a natural progression of my last year. Just more to add to the pile of shit that I had to endure. It had just continued, and I was still functioning the best that I could.

I hadn't played Mah Jongg in some time, and we had a moms' night coming up. Only, friends were starting to get worried about germs and social distancing. Nothing was being mandated yet, people were just starting to get nervous about going out in large groups. Nonetheless, I was bummed. No Mah Jongg = no fun.

As the date came and went, more antibacterial wipes flew off of the shelves. Not long after, I had a thought. So, I began googling and my premonition was right. Just as I suspected...there wasn't anything online to clean my Mah Jongg set. No such product. Yeah, you could run them under water, but some websites said it could ruin the integrity of the set. Of course, you could use a Clorox wipe, but those were hard to come by at the moment, and who wants to carry that big tub around?

I felt like I was on to something.

So, I had this idea, but was I really in the right place to be starting a business? Heck no! I just lost my mom, and my dad in a year's time. So, I slept on it.

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