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C is for Cookie

What do Jews love more than anything? FOOD! And what kind of food? SWEETS! My mom especially loved cookies. Anytime and all the time, and I shared her love. That's why our latest addition is none other than SOAP and CRACK cookies! You will be sure to "crack" a smile when you see these adorable cookies decorated like the tiles.

I spent a while deciding how to go about making and selling them--then I met Amanda.

I found Amanda when she advertised some back to school cookies for children in Parkland. I thought they would be a nice treat for my kids and my nephews. After I received them, I knew she would be a perfect person to work with. Not only were the cookies delicious (of course, I stole a bite), but they were packaged beautifully, the designs were adorable, and they made it all the way to California without so much as a "crack."

After a few prototypes, Amanda and I settled on a design, the cookies were fresh out of the oven and ready to ship. I couldn't be more excited to have them in stock in time for the holidays. They are going to look so cute on players' mah jongg tables. You can add them to a package or purchase them on their own. Check them out here.

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