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Tournament Schedule & Rules

We will play a series of 3 rounds of Mah Jongg. Each round consists of 4 games, and everyone at the table will have an opportunity to be East.

Registration will begin at 10:30 a.m., and you will receive your first table assignment. Round 1 will begin at approximately 11 a.m., followed by lunch, round 2, a short break, round 3, and then awards.

There will be a total of 12 games played. Each round will have a one-hour time limit. Points are earned after each game and totaled at the end of each round. For any unfinished games, all players at the table will receive a zero.


Players are responsible for recording their own scores after each game. The player across from you should verify your score. After each round, players will bring their score sheets to the registration table to be tabulated.



Player who declares Mah Jongg gets the amount shown on the card

(for example: 25 on card = 25 points)
Player picks their own winning Mah Jongg tile = add 10 points
Player throws Mah Jongg to a hand with 0 exposures or

1 exposure = lose 10 points
Player throws Mah Jongg to a hand with 2 exposures = lose 20 points

Player throws Mah Jongg to a hand with 3 exposures = lose 30 points
Player has a winning hand with no jokers = add 20 points

(Singles & Pairs wins do not get extra 20 points)

Wall Game = Every player at table receives 10 points
Time’s up before game is finished = Each player gets 0 points for that game
Players who do not throw Mahj or win the game get 0 points for that game

Dead hands score 0 points for that game


  • The pick is the start of your turn. Each player must pick/call a tile before discarding or exchanging a joker.

  • If you touch the tile, it’s yours.

  • Once a tile is placed in the rack, the previous tile is no longer available to be called.

You will receive your table assignment upon arrival and follow the rotation below.

Rotation After each round:

East moves up 1 table.

West moves up 2 tables.

North moves down 1 table.

South moves down 2 tables.

*Please have patience for others, be kind, respectful and courteous to each other. We will not tolerate verbal aggression, insults or inappropriate behavior.

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