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Tournament FAQs

How do I know if I'm ready for a tournament?

Think about how long it takes you to play one game with your friends. Can you finish 4 games in an hour? Try it out and see. If so, then you're ready.


How does a tournament work?

We will play 3 rounds of Mah Jongg, each consisting of 4 games - a total of 12 separate games. You will receive a score after each game, and the highest score wins.

Will there be breaks? Can I go to the bathroom?

Of course! There will be a break after each round. After round 1, we will have lunch, and then a shorter break after round 2. If you need to leave during a game, a helper will play for you while you step away.

Will I get to play with my friends?

Unfortunately, no. Everyone is at different levels, and your seat will be randomly chosen. After each round, you will move to another table and play with three different people. Look at it as an opportunity to make at least 9 new friends!

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How much money can we win?

There will be cash prizes for 1st through 5th place. Amounts will be determined based on the number of participants.


Do I need to bring anything?

You only need to bring your mah jongg card. That's it.

I can't make the tournament, can I still donate?

Thank you! Yes, you can donate here.

Most importantly,

Relax and HAVE FUN!

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